Destined to Worship
Exodus details the story of a people who were destined to worship God. Their calling was to be a kingdom of priests, reigning as they ministered to the Holy King of majesty.
You, too, have a calling upon your life to minister to the Lord. Be inspired through this blog series, to move all the way into the glorious purpose as one who is destined to worship!
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Moses’ intercessory cry between God and Pharaoh was, “Let¬†My people go that they may worship Me.” (Exodus 7:16) Pharaoh, the supreme of the land that had kept God’s chosen people in bondage for 400 years, hardened his heart, and God sent judgments (Exodus 7:4) upon pharaoh and his people, in order to set Israel free to worship. As Pharaoh and his land began to experience the judgments of God, he began to compromise…just a little.
“And Pharoah called for Moses and Aaron, and said, ‘Go, sacrifice to your God (here) in the land (of Egypt).” Exodus 8:25
Satan is happy to let us worship in bondage. It’s no threat to him if our worship is convenient. He seeks to deceive us into thinking, “You don’t need to go to all that trouble. You can worship right here, in the comfort of the familiar. You don’t need to move. You can still sacrifice right here, where you’re used to it, the way you always have.” If we stay in the same place, our hearts often become complacent, satisfied and unaware of the danger of not moving further into freedom and sacrifice. The oxymoron of complacent worship is that it is no worship at all.
For 400 years, Israel had tried to worship where they were, in bondage in Egypt, and had only sunk deeper and deeper into oppression. Hearing their sighs and groanings, God promised in Exodus 3:17, to bring them up “out of the affliction of Egypt…to a land flowing with milk and honey.” ¬†Worship beckons you to move into the fullness of God’s destiny for your life.
Are you satisfied with where you are at?
In what ways has your worship become too convenient and familiar?
What commitment are you willing to make, in order to MOVE into deeper freedom and sacrifice in your worship?
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