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Reaching Urban Youth through Covenant Worship Centers

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We have seven Covenant Worship Centers throughout South India. Young people’s lives are being transformed as they experience God in meaningful worship and begin to obey Him by serving the poor and making disciples. We are seeking to see depression, suicide, drug addiction and immorality decrease among urban youth as they become disciples of Christ. We hope that the values modeled in our Covenant Worship Centers will inspire many other ministries to reach out to and disciple urban youth.

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The Need

Due to the continual urbanization of India, the majority of India’s youth and young adults live in the cities. Most current Church models and strategies are ineffective at reaching this pivotal generation. Traditional methods combined with aging leadership and a lack of emphasis on participation by the entire congregation are some contributing factors to why the youth are not engaged by the Church. Our CSoW graduates, filled with passion, calling and desire to reach their generation, and being young themselves, are the perfect agents to send into the cities to reach their peers. We’ve been seeing a lot of success with our cell church plants in these cities and our worship music and style is being adopted by churches of all different denominations.


Get Involved

We’re praying for resources and volunteers to continue building this program. This vision would best be served by people with a heart for leading worship, urban outreach, youth ministry, pastoral ministry, church growth, drama & arts, street performance, discipleship & mentoring.

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