Covenant School of Worship Courses

Jeevan teaching with black

Doctrinal Courses

Bible Overview
New Testament Church
Pastoral Ministry (being a Worship Pastor)
Effective Evangelism
Character Development
Stewardship in Life (practical Christian life skills)

Worship Courses

Biblical Foundations of Worship
The Worshipping Church
Leadership Fundamentals (being in and under authority)
Being a Worshipper First (corporate vs. personal)
Worship Leading
Creating Set Lists (Flow)
Building a Worship Team
Worship Team Dynamics (interpersonal)
Worship Songwriting
Prophetic/Spontaneous Worship

Music Courses

Music Theory – Practical & Applied
Ear Training
Song Arrangement (instrumentation, transposition, improvisation)
Band Dynamics (technical)
Audio Engineering
Studio Recording
Media Production in Ministry
Keyboard Basics
Vocal Techniques
Instrument Lessons – Keys, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, bass guitar, percussion, etc…

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