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Meet Anand

Favorite Verse: Matthew 6:33
“But seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”
Birthday: September 24
His instrument: Drums
Favorite Color: White & Red
Favorite Food: KFC

His Dream

To serve the Lord as an anointed preacher and worship leader, reaching the youth of India who have not heard the Gospel of Christ.

Anand’s Story

Anand’s life is one of redemption and learning what it means to be son who is loved and cherished by his Heavenly Father.

As a child Anand would often ask others if they knew who his biological parents were or where he was born. But no one was ever able to provide an answer; all anyone knew was that he had been left in the care of a pastor who took Anand home. The Pastor and his wife raised Anand in their orphanage, caring for him and involving him in all of the activities of the church.

Still, Anand felt utterly alone. He remembers sitting and watching other children playing with their families, being hugged and kissed by their parents, and wishing that he had a family. He dreamed of being treated like a son. It was during this time that Anand began to grow in his relationship with Christ and learn what it means to lean on Christ alone.

In December 2011, Anand heard about Covenant School of Worship and felt that the school was were God was leading him.  Although Anand had no money to pay the school tuition, God was faithful to provide for him.

At the school Anand completed the course and then took part in 9 months of outreach. During the outreach he worked with Prem and John Babu. Through serving along side these men God began to reveal to Anand parts of God’s Father heart. John Babu began to take on a father role in Anand’s life, mentoring and loving him. Anand saw that even in the times where he would act out against John Babu and the team, hurting them, they still loved and cared for him. God used this unconditional love from John Babu and the team to begin bringing healing in Anand’s life and show him what it looked like to be part of a family. Anand has realized that God answered his prayer for a family by bringing him to Covenant Worship. He has experienced God’s blessing on his life and wants to be a part of helping others also experience the blessings of God in their own lives.

At Covenant Worship, Anand is leader of the CCC youth band. He travels throughout the states of Telangana, Andra Pradesh, and Karnataka leading worship and ministering to those who attend the different events. He has a unique fusion of Indian and Western rhythms and strong deliverance anointing in his drumming. Anand’s desire is to live his life serving and glorifying Christ and see many in India also come to know Jesus as their Savior.

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Pray for Anand

Pray that he will grow spiritually.
Pray that he will continue to receive new revelations of the Father’s heart for him as a son.
Pray that he will know how to bring so many young souls into the Kingdom.
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