Babu, Covenant Worship Center Vijayawada Leader

Reach 1000 Youth with Babu

Meet Babu

Favorite Book of the Bible: Acts
Birthday: February 4
His instrument: Drums
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Food: Sambar appadam

His Dream

To hold a conference with 10,000 people to tell them about Christ.  

Babu’s Story

Life can be a roller coaster, but sometimes the ups and downs make for a really good life story. Babu is a man who has experienced much, and has gained wisdom and a deep love for God and people from his experiences.

Some major, life-shaping events occurred in Babu’s life when he ran away from home at age 9. As an only child in a Christian home, Babu was well-loved and cared for, but he ran away in shame after receiving a scolding from his parents. Babu was on his own for three months, begging or working for food and riding trains all over India. One day, his foot got caught in the train tracks, and there was a train approaching. Unable to free his foot, Babu cried out to God, and the train stopped without hitting him. The conductor came down, freed Babu’s foot, and took him to a youth hostel. From that incident, Babu learned about the Father’s unconditional love, and later on also his earthly father’s love when his father found him at the youth hostel and came to take him home.

Babu’s life remained largely uneventful until the 10th standard, when his family did not have the finances to pay for his education anymore. In order to pay for his schooling, Babu would deliver milk at 4 am, papers at 6 am, and then attend school. After school, he would sell tea and coffee at the railway, and then he would bike with his friends to nearby villages to preach about Jesus every night. Only a heart completely on fire for Jesus would go to such lengths to share the good news of Jesus after such a grueling day.

And his passion didn’t stop there. Babu saw the great physical needs in the villages, so he began collecting clothing and school supplies to bring to the children. He would tutor the children, noticing that their education was lacking. And after graduation, Babu’s passion for Jesus and the lost brought him to the Covenant School of Worship. For three years, Babu has been involved with Covenant Worship Center through completing the worship school, carrying out an internship, and now leading a ministry in his hometown of Vijaywada.

There is so much encouraging news to share from Babu’s ministry in Vijaywada. There are so many believers, they hold four services on Sundays. They also have ten cell groups of young people seeking to be discipled. Young people share that they are no longer drinking and carousing and roaming and their depression is gone. The CWC staff hold prayer meetings every Friday and Sunday in various homes. They have been connected with 1000 college students, to whom they regularly minister. They are praying for land for building a large church.

God has done many incredible things during Babu’s three years with CW, and He will continue to do incredible things through this ministry and the prayers of believers everywhere. Meanwhile, Babu pursues his vision of making disciples who love to worship and who will launch out to plant youth churches themselves.

Pray for Babu

     Please pray for the cell groups they are starting, for more services at their new church building, and for the 1000 college students they are ministering to; for family support, financial provision, and sufficient laborers.

If you would like to join Babu’s prayer support team, please email us at


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