David, Covenant Worship Center Eluru Leader


  Show the city who Jesus is!

Meet David

Favorite Verse: “Those who wait upon the Lord will renew their strength…” Isaiah 40:31
Birthday: August 20
His instrument: Drums
Favorite Color: Sky Blue
Favorite Food: Chicken Biryani

His Dream

To be a role model for the young people in his city and do ministry among them.

David’s Story

Today David is passionately in love with the Lord and is an incredible asset to the Covenant Worship team. However, there have been many obstacles that he has had to overcome along the way.  He was born into a family of unbelievers. However, the Lord had great plans for this young man long before David knew Him, and the Lord set out early to win his heart.

As a young boy, David remembers a pastor coming to his home and telling his parents about Jesus. The pastor said that Jesus was able to provide for all of their needs. Believing this, David’s parents began to attend church. This change was very hard for David and his family, but as they came to know the Lord as the one true God, they gave their lives to worshiping him.

During David’s 10th standard, he began to spend a lot of time with the pastor of his church. Together they roamed the streets and shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Many of David’s friends asked him why he was wasting so much time with the pastor, because the pastor did not have much money. His friends could not understand. They told him that he was at a ripe age; he should study and get a good job to earn some money. Although his desire was to do ministry, the pressure from his friends weighed heavy on him. He left the ministry in search of a career. But David’s pursuit of a career and other worldly desires left him feeling incomplete and unsatisfied with his life.

His parents saw his struggle and knew his heart. They dedicated him to ministry and encouraged him to go back and do it. With this freedom and blessing from his mother and father, David returned to the ministry. In 2012, he began his time with the Covenant School of Worship and grew closer to Lord and deeper in his desires to share the Gospel. Not only did he learn to worship, but he also came to know God as the One who would never keep him down. “He has made me the head, not the tail.”

His goal is to do ministry among the youth of his city. He longs to change the hearts and the minds of the people who tried to convince him to stop doing ministry and just earn money. He wants to be a role model and show them the joy and reward of serving the Lord. While serving at Covenant Worship in Hyderabad, David spent much of his time worshiping with his brothers and walking the streets, praying for and talking with the youth of the city. He invited many young people to the Covenant Worship Center, hoping they too would encounter the Lord in worship. After a time of serving faithfully in Hyderabad, the Lord began to stir a new fire in David’s heart. Locking himself in the office to pray, David emerged confident that he had heard God’s voice, telling him that it was time to step out and launch a Covenant Worship center in Eluru.

David now serves as the leader of our Covenant Worship Center in Eluru, where he daily carries out the passion that God has laid on his heart to see the youth of his community become believers. Pray that God will continue to give David the wisdom and guidance that he needs to lead in Eluru and that many youth in the area will come to know Jesus.

Pray for David

Pray that God would give him the wisdom he desires to do ministry among youth.
David has a desire to attend Bible school – Pray that if it is God’s will, He will prepare the way.

If you would like to join David’s prayer support team, please email us at cwinfo@icmin.org


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