Jeevan, Covenant School of Worship Program Leader

Raise up a generation for intimacy with God!

Meet Jeevan

Favorite Verse: “And we know that all things work together for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28
Birthday: July 5
His Instruments: Keyboard
Favorite Colors:  Black & white

His Dream

Jeevan longs to raise up a generation who has a deep intimacy with God and to start Covenant Schools of Worship in many states and nations.

Jeevan’s Story

After attending Covenant School of Worship, Jeevan immediately began serving on staff with the school. He currently serves as the principal of the worship school, while also pursuing his Masters in Organizational Leadership. As principal, Jeevan trains approximately 140 young people per year, while also training them in leading worship. Even with his busy schedule, Jeevan is dedicated to making time for the students and pouring into them as a group and on an individual level. The impact on the students is life changing.

Jeevan is able to use his gifting in teaching as the Principal of the Covenant Worship School. One of his favorite lectures at the school is the question and answer session. This is an opportunity for the students to ask any question they have about Christianity and life in general. Jeevan creates an environment that is unheard of outside the walls of Covenant Worship Center. He is willing to answer any question that his students bring to him, in an attempt to bring clarity and strength to their faith and understanding of God’s word. His argument is that once they have answers for their questions, they will be able to go out into the world with authority. Typically pastors refuse to touch the subjects that Jeevan’s students have questions about, and this leaves them susceptible to false teachings. Particularly in Andra Pradesh, there are cults rising up all around the state. Therefore it is essential for young believers to know the truth of what God tells his people so they are not led astray. With this knowledge they can lead their churches and communities in God’s word as well.

Because Covenant Worship’s vision has been so impactful in the state of Andra Pradesh, Jeevan’s vision for the Covenant School of Worship is that it will spread into every state of India. Not only is this intimidating because of the physical distance and space it covers, there is also a language barrier. In each state, people speak a different native language. In Andra Pradesh, people are raised with Telugu as their first language. Taking CSOW into a new state means worship and teachings must be in that state’s own language. At first this task seemed impossible, but God has slowly been providing them with an answer. As CSOW has grown and spread, it has been bringing in students from other states that speak both their native tongue and Telugu. These men are being sent back to their states with the truths and revelations in worship that Andra Pradesh has been experiencing.

Please pray as CSOW expands its reach into a new state with the new Covenant School of Worship in Bangalore!.

Pray for Jeevan                                              praying hands

Pray for Jeevan’s extended family to know Christ.
Pray for the school’s current batch of students and for Jeevan as he pours into them.

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