Jeremiah, Covenant Worship Administrative Staff


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Meet Jeremiah

Favorite Verse: Genesis 1:1 
Birthday: April 12
His instrument: Keyboard 
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Food: Cauliflower

His Dream

That his family would come to know the Lord and know the fullness that comes from living for Him.

Jeremiah’s Story

Jeremiah comes from a very large family of unbelievers, numbering 10 members in all. As he was growing up, Jeremiah’s family followed many of the  customs, and Jeremiah himself worshipped these gods until he was 15 years old. However, as he began his 11th standard – the 2nd year of college for many Indian students – a great thing happened.

Jeremiah was living with a college roommate at the time who was a Christian. Both men would wake up early in the morning to spend time with their “gods” – Jeremiah to worship his gods, and his roommate to read the Bible. On one of these many mornings, Jeremiah’s roommate finally asked him if Jeremiah could tell him about who his gods were and why Jeremiah worshipped them. Jeremiah answer, “I really don’t know. I worship them because my parents worshipped them.” His roommate then asked if he could introduce him to the real God. When Jeremiah agreed, his roommate handed him a Bible and asked him to read Genesis one.

Without saying another word, his roommate left. But as Jeremiah picked up the Word and read, he felt something he had never felt before. He said, “As I read that first chapter, I really felt God speaking to me.” In an instant, his eyes were open and God was revealed. As he realized the power and the presence of this living God, he believed and put his faith in Him, turning from his old ways. He confessed his sins and began to pray. Since that day, he has never been the same.

Some time later, Jeremiah and his friends heard about a nighttime prayer meeting in another city. The college he was attending did not allow the students to go out, but Jeremiah and his friends felt a desperate need to attend. Though he had never broken many rules before, Jeremiah snuck out with his friends on the morning of the meeting and got on a bus to the other town. The housemaster, who saw them as they left, followed them to their destination. When they arrived and were caught by their superior they explained why they felt they had to be there. Instead of erupting in anger, the housemaster knelt down with the boys and prayed.

A short time after, Jeremiah graduated from the college and chose to come to the Covenant School of Worship. At the time, he didn’t understand much of the Bible and wanted to learn how to worship; both of these desires were answer during his time at the school. During his outreach, Jeremiah and his team visited many villages and shared the Gospel; there they saw many miracles, many people receiving salvation, and many more who wanted to be baptized.

When his school was finished, he began helping with CW’s financing and house management. When financial and family problems arose, he left for home, where he remained for a year. But even as he was there, he knew that God had called him to more. He is back at CW now, working with administration for Covenant Worship Centers. He has began to share the Gospel with his family, but they are still unbelievers; he is believing that God will do miraculous works in his home, and will hold him closer in the process. “Hold me close God so I can abide with you. This is my prayer.”

Pray for Jeremiah 

Pray that he will continue to grow and mature in the Lord.

Pray that his whole family will come to know the Lord. 

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