John Babu, Covenant Worship Band Leader

Ignite worship in Karnataka with John!

Meet John Babu

Favorite Verse: Isaiah 43: 1-7
Birthday: August 5
His Instrument: Keyboard, Guitar, Bass, and  Drums
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Food: Beef Biryani

His Dream

John Babu wants to go deeper into the ocean of worship and lead others into a greater intimacy with God.

John Babu’s Story

When John Babu was 22, he heard of the Covenant School of Worship and he knew that God was calling him there. Although John Babu wanted to register for the school’s first batch of students, it was too expensive for him to afford. Set on being able to attend the school, he began working on a milk truck and began dating money for tuition. By the time Covenant School of Worship was hosting their fifth batch of students, he had saved enough money and the cost had come down enough that John was able to attend the School of Worship.  

John Babu’s experiences at the school completely transformed his life. Not only was his lifetime dream of music fulfilled as he learned to play the keyboard, he also grew closer to God and learned to trust Him in all circumstances. John Babu was transformed by watching as people came together as one in worship, crying out to the Lord, and asking for forgiveness. The friends who had teased John Babu when he had first became a believer were shocked to see the change that had taken place in his life while he was away at school. After graduating from the School of Worship, John Babu joined the Covenant Worship Band.  

John Babu now leads our Covenant Worship Band program, raising up and launching worship bands and leading worship throughout south India. The songs that John Babu writes are passionate and fiery, just like his love for the Lord.  

After much prayer for the right partner, John Babu wed Shanta from his home state, Karnataka, in October 2014, and they are expecting their first child in September. They dream of raising up a family of Levites, who will serve as worshipers in the house of the Lord. 

Pray for John Babu and his familly

Pray for John Babu to continue growing as a worship leader.

Pray for John’s brothers to know and believe the truth.  

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