John Prasad, Covenant Worship Center Nellore Leader


Reach 1000 Nellore youth!

Meet John Prasad

Favorite Verse: Mathew 5
Birthday: August 22
His instrument: Keyboard
Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite Food: Chicken

His Dream

To have 1000 youth at Urban Youth Church Nellore

John Prasad’s Story

John Prasad’s life is full of joy. He regularly receives prophecy from the Lord and is often used by God to administer healing to others. However it wasn’t always that way. John Prasad let fear run his life before fully trusting in the Lord. After completing his degree he was afraid of what his future would look like. He would only attend church once every three weeks and he did not call himself a Christian.

One day, John prayed to God and God spoke to him through Isaiah 8:13, “The Lord Almighty is the one you are to regard as holy, he is one you are to dread.” Joy filled his heart after reading this verse. God opened his eyes to see that He is the only one to fear. After reading Isaiah 8:13, John started going to church regularly. He felt God telling him to read through all of Isaiah, especially Isaiah 50. As he was reading John felt God speaking to him through all its passage. Although he loved reading the books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes, he kept feeling drawn back to the book of Isaiah.

Through his pastor he learned about Covenant School of Worship and joined. He was very excited to be a part of the work that God was doing there. After coming to the Covenant School of Worship many things started to happen to John. God gave him his first prophecy in Isaiah 43:4-6. His second prophecy from Isaiah 48:15 came from his brother at the school. He even met two missionaries and they gave him the same prophecy on two different days. Though God gave him this gift he struggled with speaking and singing in front of people because he suffered from a stutter. Then at his graduation God healed him from this burden.

After graduation John spent a lot of time deciding which path God wanted him to follow. Shortly after graduation he decided to study to get his MBA. He got a new job, but after working for only 8 days God told him that he was not following the right path. His brother tried to convince him to go to seminary instead of getting a job.

During this time he had many struggles in his heart. He spent a night praying because he felt that he was going down the wrong path again. God showed him that he had nothing in the world but Him. God led him to the Covenant Worship Center in Adilabad the next day. He could not speak that language and he faced persecution from the anti-Christian groups. There were multiple times when people would come to the CWC (Covenant Worship Center) with ill intentions. John would often share a passage from the Bible that God had put on his heart causing the groups of people to leave. Although he found the persecution, rejection and demonic activity in Adilabad a challenge, he has experienced that in the presence of God the devil is always overcome.

Today, John Prasad continues to find his hope and purpose in God. If he is overcome by fears about his life or his future he meditates on the words of Matthew 5, which reminds him that God is in control. The Lord continues to give John the words in order to preach the gospel to others and the voice to praise Him.

Two years ago, John Prasad was released to plant a Covenant Worship Center in Nellore, a thriving city with lots of young people just waiting to know the peace of God. He is discipling about 80 new believers and seekers in small groups.


Pray for John Prasad

Pray for John Prasad as he plows new territory in Nellore and that God gives him favor with the youth there.

If you would like to join John Prasad’s prayer support team, please email us at

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    praise the lord bro.god always be with u bro.i’m the new person in nellore i need a worship service centre. please call me bro 8142566511 this is my mobile no.i don’t know any thing in nellore so please help me bro

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