K. Babu, Covenant Worship Band


Meet Babu

Favorite Verse: Matthew 6:33
“But seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”
Birthday: November 1
His instrument: Drums
Favorite Color: White & Red
Favorite Food: Mutton & Beef

His Dream

 To serve the Lord as an anointed preacher and worship leader, reaching the youth of India who have not heard the Gospel of Christ.

Babu’s Story

Babu’s dream is to see revival break out among the youth in India. But Babu doesn’t just want to watch this revival take place, he desires to be an active part of spreading and sharing the Gospel to those who have never heard by serving the Lord as an anointed worship leader and pastor.

Babu was born into a Hindu family, but soon after he was born his family came to believe in Jesus Christ. Babu was sent to a Roman Catholic School to receive his education, while he was there he learned about God and the Catholic tradition, but says he did not comprehend what it meant to have a relationship with Christ till later.

As a teen Babu began to attend a church where his Sunday School teacher taught him from the Bible and what it meant to have an intimate relationship with God. From studying the Bible with this women and watching her life Babu began to desire the relationship with Jesus that she taught about and exemplified in her life. As he continued to grow in his walk with Christ Babu began to dream of one day learning how to play music and being on a worship team. Not yet knowing about the Covenant School of Worship, Babu began to learn music at home from a friend and praying that God would lead him in being able to fulfill his dream.

After sharing with another friend about his desire to be trained as a worship leader, the friend told him about the School of Worship. The friend continued to encourage Babu to go to Hyderabad and take part in the school. Wanting to attend CSOW, but having no money to pay tuition, Babu began to find small jobs around the community to earn the money needed.

Babu remembers that the first time he touched a keyboard to being learning music once arriving at the School of Worship he felt as if God was filling him with fire. He knew that it was the Lord who had directed him to CSOW and given him the desire to be a worship leader. During his time at CSOW Babu grew in his relationship and understanding of God.

Babu now serves as a member of the Covenant Worship Band, leading worship throughout Telangana and surrounding states. He also partners with Covenant Worship Centers reaching out to youth and teaching music.

Pray for Babu

Pray that he will grow spiritually.

Pray that he will know how to bring so many young souls into the Kingdom. 



If you would like to join Babu’s prayer support team, please email us at cwinfo@icmin.org

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