Madhu, Covenant Worship Women’s Band Leader

Meet Madhu

Favorite Verse: “So I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you. Be strong and courageous.” Joshua 1:5-6
Birthday: October 9
Her instrument: Keyboard, Guitar
Favorite Color: Baby pink and white
Favorite Food: Chicken Biryani

Her Dream

Madhu’s Dream is to see a praise and worship center established, where young people can have the opportunity to learn how to greater serve the Lord through music. She wants to see it as a place where all can attend freely, despite their different languages and backgrounds.

Madhu’s Story

When she was sixteen years old, Sister Madhu’s father lost his entire business, leaving her whole family to experience a harsh season of depression. When she prayed to her gods to help save her family from their desperate situation, nothing happened. However, Madhu had a childhood friend – a believer, who, during this time showed her the book of Proverbs in the Bible. Her friend explained that if Madhu prayed to Jesus, He would help her and her family. Through this friend’s guidance Madhu soon came to know Jesus as her provider. She started to pray simple prayers and began to see many good things happen as clear answers to her petitioning.

One evening as she was attending a youth conference a prophetic message was shared with the congregation. During this message, Madhu felt the presence of the Lord come upon her and she began to sob. At the time she did not know that this was the Holy Spirit, but soon began to learn about Him.

Madhu gradually grew a desire to serve in ministry, but her mother tried to dissuade her. Even so, the Holy Spirit continued to speak to Madhu, giving her hopes and dreams regarding her future. For a short time, Madhu became discouraged after a pastor asked, “If you do this ministry, who will mentor you?” But Madhu knew God had asked her to do full time ministry and heard the Lord’s voice again, telling her, “Do not follow christians, follow Me. I have a plan for you.” God was persistent and faithful as He continued to affirm His plan for Madhu’s life.

During this time Madhu’s sister had been working for Youth With A Mission (YWAM) and encouraged her to go through one of their Discipleship Training School (DTS) programs. Madhu enrolled in the program, which proceeded to change her life forever as she found her true identity in Christ. Upon completing the DTS program she joined the YWAM staff, serving with them for three years.

Every May during her time serving with YWAM, Madhu was able to take a month break in order to attend the women’s course at Covenant School of Worship. After her second year attending she was hired as a volunteer staff member to assist with the school. Later, the Lord spoke to Madhu again, telling her to go and help Sister Julie at Covenant Worship, full time.

In August of 2014, Madhu joined the Covenant Worship Women’s Band. She feels blessed to have been chosen for this position and honored to have the opportunity to do God’s work. Madhu sees it as a privilege to be able to do what she loves every day. She recognizes that she is rich spiritually, because of all that God has done in her life, and all that He has provided her with.

During her time at Covenant Worship, Madhu has seen the Lord move in amazing ways, through corporate times of worship. On one occasion, she saw Jesus standing directly in front of her. He was about nine feet tall and his face was glowing so brightly that she could not look at Him. Madhu has been used by God to speak prophetically over people and cast out demons by the power of the Holy Spirit. She has also seen others healed and set free from various strongholds. One evening of worship that stands out for Madhu was when the Lord gave her a vision about the calling He had placed on her life. In this vision, Madhu saw herself as a preacher and worship leader. Through this vision the Lord told Madhu that her dream of leading others in worship would come to fruition at Covenant Worship.


Pray for Madhu

Pray for her to have the understanding of every musical instrument necessary in order that she may teach future female students at Covenant Worship. She wants to lead quality worship music that honors the Lord, but that also creates space for the Holy Spirit to move by performing healing and bringing restoration to people’s hearts however He leads.

Pray for wisdom in organizing a women’s band, discernment on how to best teach women, and that the Lord would tune her hearing to the songs written in heaven so that she may write only songs which are inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Pray for her family’s safety and that the Lord would bring her the right husband and family, in His timing.


If you would like to join Madhu’s prayer support team, please email us at

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