Naveen, Covenant Worship Center Vizag Staff

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Meet Naveen

Favorite Verse: “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” Romans 8:1Naveen
Birthday: October 31
His Instrument: Guitar
Favorite Color:  Gray

His Dream

To see people come to know the love of Jesus in the same way that he did.

Naveen’s Story

Before Jesus, Naveen lived a childish life. He behaved very badly by using drugs, drinking a lot of alcohol, and being involved in gangs. He was disobedient to his parents and would even hit his mother while he would drink alcohol. When he used drugs he would act very crazy and would see demons and sing songs. He would be very aggressive and abusive towards things and people and one day his mother told him he needed to go to church. He went but he continued to use drugs and alcohol and he continued to see demons. Naveen continued to struggle with temptation and often gave in. He wanted to leave the lifestyle but he felt like he couldn’t. One day after using cocaine, he was so sick that his brother took him to the hospital and the doctor gave the report that if he did not stop using drugs that he would die. The doctor also said there was a great risk that Naveen would die if he did stop using because of how damaging the drugs were to his body. Frustrated and confused, Naveen went home and prayed to God. He knew God was real but didn’t want to serve him. Sometime later his brother, Vinay invited Naveen to go with him to Covenant School of Worship. He agreed to go and meet Vinay in the morning. After his conversation with Vinay, Naveen went to use cocaine again and missed his chance of going to the school because he didn’t wake up for two days. A few days later, Naveen was involved in a serious motor accident. He was unharmed but caused significant damage to the other person and was arrested and told he would go to jail for four years. While he was in jail he prayed to God and his mother came and got him out of jail. He later went to the Covenant School of Worship. Through the worship and prayer, he began to slowly change and come to know the character of God. He saw God’s power at work and left his old life behind to begin ministry. When people used to see Naveen walking towards their houses they knew him as a crazy boy and would shut doors in his face. Now, when people see him coming they ask him to pray for them. He has helped many people and prayed for many people since the Lord changed his life. People who used to know him have seen such a difference in his life and many come to him for counsel and help with addictions and idol worship. He does hospital ministry and leads worship and cell groups under Vinay Moses at the Covenant Worship Center Hyderabad. Naveen continues to stand on the promise of God’s love for him. He knows firsthand the power of God’s love and even when he tested God, the Father revealed that his love for Naveen is greater than sin.


praying handsPray for Naveen

Please pray for Naveen to continue to grow in his spiritual life. His heart is to continue to grow in worship and prayer as well as in his ability to minister to others and help pull them from the darkness that once gripped his life.
If you would like to join Naveen’s prayer support team, please email us at

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