Prem Kumar, Covenant School of Worship Bangalore Principal
Inherit India with Prem!

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Favorite Verse: “I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ lives in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.” Galatians 2:20
Birthday: January 3
His Instruments: Keyboard and Guitar
Favorite Color: White 
Favorite Food: Chicken Biryani and Beef

His dream

“I want India for the Lord – the lost are my inheritance.”

Prem Kumar’s story

  Before Prem Kumar was born, his family did not believe in God. His father was an alcoholic and the family experienced many difficulties. At the time Prem’s mother was pregnant with him a pastor came to share with the family about God and the peace that could be received through Him. After hearing the Gospel, Prem’s mother accepted Christ as her savior. After becoming a believer Prem’s mother began to experience lots of spiritual warfare, but this only served to increase her faith that Jesus was the true son of God.

 After Prem was born, his father dedicated him to God and quit drinking. He gave his life to Christ as did all of Prem’s family. At a young age Prem began to serve the Lord, but in 7th grade he made unhealthy friendships and started drinking. Prem was going to church every Sunday and playing drums in the church but was secretly living a life that did not glorify God. Even during this time God continued to pursue Prem, speaking to him, “you are for my ministry” but Prem refused to listen to His voice. Prem’s lifestyle of running from God and his calling continued into college.  

 Seeing what was happening in his son’s life, Prem’s father decided to send him to Bible College. At Bible College Prem began to teach himself how to play the guitar and the Lord began to break his heart with the desire to see revival break out within India.

 After seeing an advertisement for Covenant School of Worship (CSOW) on TV, Prem’s brothers and sister enrolled in the school. Seeing that CSOW could teach Prem how to carry out his vision of being a worship leader, his brother urged him to enroll. After coming to CSOW God confirmed the calling that He had placed on Prem’s life to be a part of bringing revival in India. Prem has committed his life to God and carrying out this mission of revival.

 Prem currently serves as the principal of the Covenant School of Worship in Bangalore, where he is raising up young men to serve as worship leaders throughout the state of Karnataka. The team is seeing God work in miraculous ways and many coming to believe in Jesus Christ.

Pray for Prem Kumar

Pray for Prem’s family and for the ministry–that they will grow in their relationship with Jesus.
Pray for the new Covenant School of Worship in Bangalore and Prem as he leads the ministry there. 

If you would like to join Prem Kumar’s prayer support team, please email us at

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