Rajesh, CWC Vijayawada Staff

Meet Rajesh

Favorite Verse: John 3:16
April 3
His Instrument:
Keyboard and drumpad
Favorite color:
Sky blue
Favorite food:
Tiger rice with coriander leaves

His Dream

To lead youth to Christ and work in ministry full-time for life.

Rajesh’s Story

Raised a Roman Catholic, Rajesh knew who Jesus was, but had no idea how we are saved by His gift of grace. Very entrepreneurial in his adolescent years, he grew a successful pawn shop, but the wealth he created led him into extremely bad habits- smoking, drinking, and neglecting his studies. At age 15, Rajesh developed a brain tumor and fell into a coma for several days. An uncle who was a Protestant Pastor visited him, prayed, and left; and the next day he came back to consciousness. His mother told him of the uncle’s actions, and the perplexed doctors sent him home, but Rajesh was still plagued with an unceasing and excruciating headache. The pain was so unbearable he would smack his head against the wall and break plates on his skull out of frustration.

Within a few days the uncle came to the house to visit, and began to pray for him. As his uncle prayed, Rajesh began to sweat heavily; his whole body was drenched, and he began to see a vision. He saw a green field, a blue sky, and a white dove flying over. At that point, peace came over him, and his headache vanished. Rajesh was overcome by the Holy Spirit and immediately received Christ as savior. He shared the vision with his uncle, who told him that God had a calling for him.

Rajesh started attending as many ministry meetings as he could find, and immersed himself in Bible reading. After sharing his testimony several times, he started to feel called to the ministry, and attended a two-year Bible College, where he took baptism.  

Life after Bible College became a struggle for Rajesh; he had difficulty starting his own ministry, and took a municipal job to make ends meet. When his parents saw him staring to backslide into his previous, worldly ways, they married him to a Hindu girl of the same caste, hoping to settle him down. God surely works in mysterious ways! His new wife heard from the neighborhood people about Rajesh’s works, both in the Lord, and his less savory behaviors. Fearing for her new husband, she started attending church and was saved!

Convicted by the Holy Spirit, Rajesh began attending church with his wife, and after three years of trying, they were blessed with a baby boy. Rajesh firmly believes God opened his wife’s womb after that time as the result of his obedience. Pregnant with a second son, Rajesh struggled with the decision to enter Ministry full-time, fearing over financial concerns. But when God spoke into his heart, saying “I Am the provider, honor My calling for you”, he made the decision, resigned from his job, and became completely  involved in ministry. Meeting Babu, he fell in love with worship at CWC, and became engaged more deeply than ever learning and growing in Jesus, the Holy Spirit, worship, and relying on God’s provision.  

Despite his strong commitment to the church, many people in the neighborhood didn’t trust him because of his past mistakes and behavior; but when his elder son fell from the third floor of the house to the concrete alley, and suffered no broken bones but only 18 stitches, the people all recognized it as a miracle- and all agreed that Rajesh must truly be a man of God!

Among so many blessings, Rajesh is very thankful to lead others to worship God, for the gift of tongues and the ability to pray for others’ healing; and prays to increase in the knowledge and wisdom of the Word.  

Pray for Rajesh

In India, parents often become angry with young adult children entering the ministry because they’re not earning to support the family. Please pray that God will help Rajesh to overcome these familial and community problems.
Pray also for his own children’s education, and for God to raise more helpers in the ministry.

If you would like to join Rajesh’s prayer support team, please email us at cwinfo@icmin.org

If you would like to join Rajesh’s financial support team, please make a paypal donation here. You can also set up a recurring monthly donation.

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