Vinay Moses: Covenant Worship Center Vizag Leader

Invade the party scene with Moses

Meet Vinay Moses DSC_0519

Favorite Verse: “Don’t be glad on my account, my enemy. When I fall,
I’ll get up. Though I sit in darkness, the Lord is a light for me.”   Micah 7:8
Birthday: May 28
His instrument: Keyboard, Guitar, Drums
Favorite Color: Yellow
Favorite Food: Chicken Biryani

His Dream

 To be used by God to reach the youth of Vizag.

Vinay’s Story

Vinay Moses has a passion to see the youth of his hometown, Vizag, come to know the Lord and have their lives radically transformed. Vinay Moses grew up in a Christian family, where his father was a Pastor. So from an early age Vinay Moses knew about Jesus and as a child was growing in his faith and serving in the church.

As a teenager Vinay Moses began to seek after things of the world, eventually deciding to leave home and live with friends. Vinay Moses pursued this lifestyle for several years becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol. No longer finding fulfillment in his life and realizing the dark place his life had come to Vinay Moses began to cry out to God. In that moment he asked God to free him from his addictions, which he had tried several times to break through his own strength with no success. As he was crying out Vinay heard God speak to him saying that He had always been with him and He would continue to care for him.

God also reminded Vinay of a prophesy that had been spoken over him when he was eleven, that Vinay would be used mightily by God, he would make him a teacher of teachers and use him to reach many youth. Vinay’s life changed that night, he was freed from his addictions and returned to serve the Lord in his father’s church.

Vinay continued to serve in his father’s church till he learned about the Covenant School of Worship. At the School of Worship Vinay continued to grow in his relationship with the Lord. Living in such close community with the other staff and students in the school Vinay was pushed to go deeper in his walk with the Lord and in learning music.

After completing his time at the Worship School Vinay decided to stay and teach at the school, desiring to continue growing personally and also wanting to be a part of instilling what he had personally received in others. Vinay worked alongside Brother Jeevan for a year at the school. After serving at the school for a few months Vinay felt God leading him to begin a Covenant Worship Center in his hometown of Vizag. He served on staff with the Hyderabad Covenant Worship Center learning how to lead his own CWC.

In January 2016 Vinay and three other team members launched the Covenant Worship Center in Vizag. They started with only a few bucks in their pockets, and God rewarded their great faith. Mose Vinay and his team have been going after their old party friends, invading the party scenes and rescuing young people from alcohol and drugs and all that is a part of that culture. Several young men have been rehabed and saved in this last year. Praise God! Pray for Vinay and his team as they continue to establish their ministry in Vizag.


Pray for Vinay

Pray that he will continue to grow as a strong man of God.

Pray that for wisdom, guidance, and provision as he begins the CWC in Vizag. 

Pray that he will be used to reach many youth in Vizag with the love and hope of Christ.

If you would like to join Vinay’s prayer support team, please email us at


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