Vishwa, Covenant School of Worship Bangalore Staff

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Favorite Verse: “In the beginning was the Word; the Word was with God
and the Word was God.” John 1:1
Birthday: February 24
His instrument: Guitar
Favorite Color: Yellow
Favorite Food: Beef

His Dream

To see the youth of Karnataka come to know the One True God and be raised up as worshippers and that he would be a special instrument for the Lord.

Vishwa’s Story

 When Vishwa was a child no one in his family believed in the One True God. As he was growing up, Vishwa’s family faced many difficulties, leaving them feeling beaten down and broken. However, everything began to change the day someone told them about Jesus Christ. As the family came to know the one true God, they began to see the miraculous happen. As they witnessed these great signs and wonders, Vishwa’s family accepted Jesus and became believers. His father even began to work in the ministry.

 Vishwa began working in Sunday School and teaching children about the Bible, but he began to fall into the many temptations surrounding him. He spent more and more time with his secular friends and started making poor choices. He recalls feeling like he was sinking in his sin, but the Lord continued to call him back.

 While Vishwa went on with his own life and succeeded in the world of business, God continued to increase a burden inside of him that he was called to something more, that he was called to ministry. The Lord was relentless in calling him back; no matter how many times Vishwa ignored the voice, God did not stop stirring in his heart. Many years later, due to God’s persistence and his mother’s prayers, Vishwa could no longer ignore God.

One night, Vishwa decided to attend a Christian seminar. At the seminar God encountered Vishwa and he was instantly changed. He was freed from the worldly temptations, financial burdens, alcohol addiction, and the hole he felt stuck in. In the months to come, Vishwa’s friends asked him over and over again why he wasn’t drinking or fighting or spending money recklessly anymore; every time, he told them how Jesus had encountered him and transformed his life.

From that day on, Vishwa has had a fervent passion for the winning of souls and his passion continues to growing. He longs to see those who do not know the Lord walk into an encounter with the living God. He came to the Covenant School of Worship to grow in his relationship with the Lord and in his ability to reach people. At the school, he was filled with the Holy Spirit and learned how to hear the Father’s voice. He expressed that before he knew the Holy Spirit, he struggled with expressing how he felt.  Now, through the Spirit, he can share his problems with God and receive hope in knowing God is on his side, fighting for him, waiting for him, and using him.

 After graduating from the Covenant School of Worship Vishwa’s dream was to one day begin a Worship School in his state of Karnataka. To be better equipped to carry out this dream, Vishwa served as an intern in Hyderabad learning more about being a leader and how to run a school. Vishwa is seeing his dream fulfilled, as he was part of the team to launch a school of worship in Bangalore and now serves on staff at the school. God continues to give him visions for his city and his people as well as affirmation that He will always stand beside him. Although he fears being rejected because of his lack of education, the Father has planted 2 Timothy 3:4 in his heart and the confidence that people will see the Lord through Vishwa’s ministry.

Pray for Vishwa

Pray that he will have the confidence to share the Gospel and the wisdom of God in knowing how to share.
Pray that fear of standing before people would be overcome so he can preach the Gospel.

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