-Nirikshan, CWC Vijayawada Volunteer

Meet Nirikshan

Favorite Verses: James 3:13-15
Birthday: March 25
His Instrument: Guitar
Favorite Colors: Black and White
Favorite Food: Chicken

His Dream

To be the best worshiper and speaker he can be, and to proclaim the gospel to all people he can.

Nirikshan’s Story

Like so many others raised in Hinduism, Nirikshan’s early years show the hopeless desperation that is life without Christ. His parents attended church after his birth, but as is so common in India, they didn’t realize the power of Jesus as the one true God and savior of the world.
Nirikshan grew up in this environment, attending church occasionally, with no understanding of Christianity’s implications, and a Hindu school, where his education and view of the world was shaped. He heard about Babu, and sought him out as he was interested in learning music. In the 10th Standard, having failed his exams, depression set in, and he attempted to commit suicide by drinking a mixture of floor cleaner and shampoo. As he lay on the bed and felt himself dying, he questioned his Hindu idols to no response. Then he decide to try and pray to Jesus, whom he only knew as a name. Lying there, he saw a vision in which God told him he wasn’t coming to heaven; that God had a plan for his life and many works for him to perform and bring glory to the Lord. Nirikshan recovered from drinking the poison, which he credits to God. He started praying to Jesus every day, and as often as he could.
With God’s help, he finished 10th class and attended bible school, started working with Babu and took baptism. He’s entirely grateful for how God has changed him, and for the opportunity to learn more. NIrikshan considers it such a blessing to be learning how to lead worship, to be fulfilling God’s will, and writing, and playing songs glorifying the Father. In addition, his brothers have accepted Jesus as their savior, and Nirikshan is praying they will enter ministry and fulfill God’s plan for their lives.

Pray for Nirikshan

Please pray for his brothers to become involved in ministry, for his one brother who has not taken baptism; also pray that Nirikshan will receive anointing to preach the gospel and spread the word of God.

If you would like to join Nirikshan’s prayer support team, please email us at cwinfo@icmin.org

If you would like to join Nirikshan’s financial support team, please make a paypal donation here. You can also set up a recurring monthly donation.

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