-Prasad, CWC Vijayawada Volunteer

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Favorite Verse: Galatians 3:8
Birthday: May 15
His Instrument: Drumpad
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Food: Vegetarian

His Dream

Prasad’s greatest dream is to evangelize to youth; to teach and share with them the good news of Christ.

Prasad’s Story

Like many children in India, Prasad was raised in a Hindu family which attended church and incorporated Jesus into Hinduism, without elevating or understanding Christ’s position as the one true God. Failing to grasp Christ as savior, Prasad followed very worldly ways and friends down the path of entertainments and material things.

Attending a prayer meeting on an invite, Prasad had what he describes as “a direct encounter with God” as the pastor shared the Word; he understood the truth of Jesus, and at that moment he decided to walk in the Lord. He sought out more prayer meetings, soon met Brother Babu, and found a church home at Covenant Worship Center Vijayawada. While involved in worship, he saw a vision, in which God told him that He wanted to use Prasad in the worship band. Though he’d never played drums before, Prasad committed to classes and then full-time ministry at CWC.  

Now Prasad travels around Vijayawada sharing and teaching the gospel with youth, conducting worship nights, and in turn, growing more in God through sharing with others. He says he has received, and continues to receive great blessings from the Holy Spirit.  Among these, his whole family has come to the Lord, his father has stopped his worldly habits of smoking and drinking, and Prasad has received personal gifts of tongues, singing, and learning drums and guitar.     

Pray for Prasad

Please pray for Prasad’s family to support his decision to go into ministry full-time. The family has financial problems, and they are concerned about his lack of income.
Pray he’ll soon be able to afford a new drumpad, and that he will grow in his playing skills.

If you would like to join Prasad’s prayer support team, please email us at cwinfo@icmin.org

If you would like to join Prasad’s financial support team, please make a paypal donation here. You can also set up a recurring monthly donation.

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