-Rahim, CWC Vijayawada Volunteer

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Meet Rahim

Favorite Verse: Matthew 5:17
Birthday: August 21
His Instrument: Drumpad
Favorite Color: Dark Blue
Favorite Food: Beans

His Dream

To become a good Christian apologist, debater, and defender of the faith.

Rahim’s Story

Raised a Muslim, Rahim considered Christianity a weak and inferior religion. He was so opposed to Christ, that when he heard Babu was conducting worship nights, he organized and led a gang to disrupt and stop it. However, upon arriving at the worship location, something happened to Rahim that he can’t describe. He felt compelled to stop and listen, and a calmness came over him that completely replaced his anger. He is sure it was the work of the Holy Spirit calling to him. Meeting and talking with Babu, he started an ongoing communication with him. It was a complete turning point in his life; where before there had been scarcity, God began providing his needs.

After attending CWC for six months and learning about the one true God, Rahim decided to accept Jesus Christ as his savior and took baptism. He met a Christian girl, they were married in the church, and God blessed them with a child. He found true peace of God working in the kingdom.

Rahim started and now hosts a Discovery Bible Study in his own home. He loves bringing in youth, sharing the Word, and changing their hearts with the gospel; and he has been successful, helping lost and roaming young men to have goals, jobs, and find a place in this world centered in Christ.

Pray for Rahim

Rahim has his own business in painting and interior design.  Please pray that his desire to grow in creativity and skill will be fulfilled, and he can use it for God’s glory.
Also pray that Rahim will continue to grow in preaching and teaching the Word; that he will be able to uncover and demonstrate the Christian truth to both Hindus and Muslims.

If you would like to join Rahim’s prayer support team, please email us at cwinfo@icmin.org

If you would like to join Rahim’s financial support team, please make a paypal donation here. You can also set up a recurring monthly donation.

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