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Meet Vilok

Favorite Verse: Psalm 119:9
Birthday: October 26
His Instrument: Keyboard
Favorite Color: White
Favorite Food: Chicken

His Dream

To become a Christian music director and worship leader. To lead massive numbers to Jesus in worship crusades.

Vilok’s Story

Vilok grew up in an Indian family that practiced Christianity in a nominal form, adding Jesus to the pantheon of Hindu gods. The family was always busy and displayed no affection for each other. They rarely attended church or Sunday School, and if attendance was planned, Vilok would do his best to exempt himself.
By the 9th Standard, he’d developed bad friendships, met with gangsters, never studied, and often skipped class. Failing all his classes, he had to leave home after being expelled from school. Depression set in, and Vilok dreaded showing his face in public. When he had contact with his family, they argued, and he found himself seriously contemplating suicide.
One day an old friend heard Vilok was in need and came to visit. The friend talked with Vilok, urging him to not consider suicide, and suggested he seek out Babu, who was teaching summer classes at the time.
Vilok spoke with Babu about his studies, and his future, and Babu sent him to CSOW in August of 2014. Vilok made great strides in his time at the Covenant School, soaking up knowledge of music, memorizing scripture, and learning to pray. His life was changed by being part of the congregation of Christ. He was so inspired in worship services led by John Babu, he cried aloud as the Holy Spirit led him to newness in Christ. One day while praying, he saw a vision of his calling to be a worship leader, and almost simultaneously, a brother in church prophesied to him that God had a plan for him to lead youth to the Lord.
After finishing studies at CSOW, Vilok returned to Vijayawada, where Babu asked him if he would accept Jesus Christ as savior. He prayed about salvation and baptism, and saw a white hand come and touch him. He confessed to the Lord that he didn’t know how to lead a good life, and beseeched Him to help. Vilok had been sharing his faith and experiences with his father, who saw the exact same vision, and they took baptism at the same time!

Pray for Vilok

Please pray that Vilok will overcome his fear of leading worship so he can realize his dream to lead at crusades, and help other youth become worshipers.
Pray for financial blessings as Vilok still experiences hardship. Pray for his sister in Pharmacy school, for her fees and studies; for his parents’ health, that his mother would come to the Lord and support his ministry. Lastly pray for Vilok’s spiritual life.

If you would like to join Vilok’s prayer support team, please email us at cwinfo@icmin.org

If you would like to join Vilok’s financial support team, please make a paypal donation here. You can also set up a recurring monthly donation.

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