The Ways to Come & Serve
Team (2-4 weeks avg.)
Volunteer (1-6 months)
Intern (6-12 months)
Staff (1 year +)

Come as a Team (10-14 days average)

We have plenty of experience hosting teams of every size from all over the world. Coming with a group of friends, fellow students or with a team from your church is a wonderful way to serve here in India. We can cater your team’s ministry schedule to fit the strengths and passions of your team members. With the opportunities available through Covenant Worship and India Christian Ministries, almost anything is possible.

Volunteer with Us (1-6 months)

Whether you have a desire to come and teach at our school of worship, help record our next album, produce quality video and media for ICM, conduct urban or rural evangelism & outreach, host worship conferences and events around the state or even help with admin in our CW office; there are so many different ways you can help serve as a short-term volunteer with Covenant Worship.

Ready to take your missions experience to the next level?
Become an Covenant Worship Intern (6-12 months)
We ask our interns to make a commitment of six to twelve months. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis, and as might be warranted by the visa stipulations. Interested applicants should apply regardless of their time restrictions, as it may be possible to accommodate qualified persons.

Internship Purpose
To advance the kingdom of God in the state of Andhra Pradesh, supporting the local, indigenous Church, while working to impart true, spiritual, intimate worship into the Body of Christ; and to empower, equip, educate and encourage our interns to reach their full potential in Christ.

Covenant Worship Interns receive…
Experience: Working at our Covenant Worship Base in Hyderabad will give our volunteers hands on experience in international ministry. They will be asked to perform a variety of different roles from worship, intercession, teaching, outreach, ministry to the poor & sick, administration, & media development.

Exposure: Our interns will see firsthand what missions work is truly about. By interning directly with us, there is no U.S. based organization acting as liaison between you and the mission field. You will come and work directly with our indigenous national staff and a handful of other foreign volunteers on the ground in India. You will be confronted with many of the same circumstances and challenges that full-time missionaries and ministers experience every day.

Education: As an Covenant Worship Intern, you will learn as you serve. Your supervisors are all full-time ministers with a wealth of experience and knowledge to impart to you. You will learn to adapt, to be flexible, to follow, to lead, to minister and to overcome. While much is required from our interns, many opportunities are given to them to learn about the kingdom of God as they grow in their calling and gifting.

Expansion: You will expand in every dimension. Your character, attitude, desires, ambitions, thoughts, and paradigms will change as you realize your dreams. You will be changed. As you step forward into new areas of ministry and service, God will bring forth in you talents and gifts you did not even realize were there. As we step out in faith, God is always faithful to provide for us, protect us and produce plentiful fruit in our lives.

Join our Covenant Worship Staff (1-2 years min.)
For those with extensive ministry or missions experience who desire to come and work with Covenant Worship, we have various positions available. A minimum commitment of at least 1 year is required for these positions, and only qualified candidates will be accepted. Interns, who desire to continue in ministry with Covenant Worship after their internship, may also be accepted to a volunteer staff position. Covenant Worship volunteer staff would be working closely together with many of our graduates and indigenous staff members maintaining a high level of responsibility and unlimited opportunity for astonishing impact.

To request our volunteer application or for more information, please CONTACT US!

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